Skydive The Farm is situated less than 40 minutes’ drive east from Johannesburg and 45 minutes from Pretoria. Offering Tandem skydiving and Accelerated Freefall skydive courses Saturday, Operating every weekend and during the week by appointment - weather permitting. Atlas Angel Turbine aircraft - 9 seated.

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Make your 1st jump at 220 km/h. The ground instruction takes about 20 minutes. When it's your turn to skydive, you and your instructor board the aircraft together for the ride to altitude. On the way up you will enjoy the view for kilometers around, the plane ride is about 20 minutes long. Once at 11 000ft AGL you and your tandem instructor, who is attached behind you, move towards the door. You then exit the aircraft and skydive, freefalling for about 40 seconds. At 5000ft AGL your tandem master will deploy the parachute followed by a 6-7 minute canopy ride until you land. A cameraman can be arranged if you would like one to accompany us on the jump. He will film ground footage as well as the jump itself.
You will then be able to watch the experience over and over again. Bookings are essential

Weight limit 95 kilograms

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